Serralleria Berni was born in 1956 in Osona with Bernat Riera Guix. It is one of the oldest ironwork of this region with more than 50 years of history. It is currently run by the second generation of blacksmiths Berni.

Our specialization is the manufacture of parts and components sheet metal for all industrial sectors: electrical, electronic, lighting, machinery manufacturing, metal furniture, etc.

The goal of our company is to get a personal and exclusive treatment for each customer.

Our team

Locksmith works with specialized and competent professionals to advise and assist in the implementation of projects and works, to achieve optimal outcome adequate to the needs of each customer and installation. Our team works exclusively with quality materials.

Leading machinery

Serralleria Berni use the latest technology in computer design, also the machinery at our disposal is the most modern in the industry, making production processes satisfactory for our customers.


Serralleria Berni has their own facilities, two industrial buildings with more than 2.000 m2. The first one is dedicated to locksmith work and metal sheets industry and the second one is exclusively used for the manufacture of parts in series. Besides, Serralleria Berni has a fleet of 10 vehicles to the performance in situ.


Our company is guided by some basic principles:

  • Transparency
  • Truth and trust among workers
  • Honesty with suppliers, customers, investors and the environment
  • Respect to diversity
  • The right of workers to privacy
  • Workplace Safety
  • Quality and safety of the product we offer
  • Social responsability
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